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Graphine as a Semi conductor

Graphene is a far superior semi-conductor than silicon. Carbon graphene passive biochip transponders will require no battery, nor have any parts to wear out would and require no maintenance.

The bio chip transponder itself consists of just four parts: a capacitor, an antenna coil, the capsule and, of course, the IC chip. The chip is actually the smallest component of the overall design, about the size of a grain of sand; the antenna and capacitor take up most of the space. Each end of the chip has a white anti-migration coating tip which encourages tissue growth so the chip won’t move around inside the recipient’s body.

They can not only contains the recipient's entire profile but also his or her DNA genotype, human leukocyte antigen and a clone image of an iris scan of the eye. They can contain every detail about the subject's life, including his date of birth, Social Security number, current address, physical description, fingerprints, banking information, photo, prior residences, criminal record, credit rating, credit report, military record, recent purchases, Internet surfing history, marital status, and information on children, family genealogy, siblings and parents. It lists all assets and debts, mortgages, deeds, club registries and memberships, medical records, meetings records such as Alcoholics Anonymous, library records, favorite subjects, hobbies, vehicle registration, driving record, insurance information, profession, salary, tax records and purchasing patterns.

Virtually any information available about a person can be hardcoded on a single chip but the chip can also transmit to a series of databanks in the cloud that have the ability to store unlimited amounts of data, and of course a Global Positioning System that can track any person's location at any time and from anywhere on the entire planet.

One can get chipped today if you feel so inclined; simply contact Verichip and let them know you want an RFID microchip implant and they will be happy to oblige.

The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and currently manufacturers use them to convey information to retailers and keep track of shipping and inventory on their products.

They are also embedding them in ordinary consumer items such as clothing, warehouse pallets and packaging on many items. And like the name says, they just use simple radio waves to transmit the data. The waves can travel through just about any material.

They are currently embedded in very day items that you buy daily, such as shampoo, toilet paper, office supplies, furniture, food, books, tires, medicine bottles, light bulbs, bedding and, of course, electronics. It can be incorporated into fabric fibers, plastics, metals, wires, paper, paint almost anything from the hat on the top your head to your underwear or even the soles of your shoes because the integrated circuit chips are so tiny and inconspicuous - about 1/64th the size of a grain of salt; and each has its own 96 bit code individual identification number. enough to uniquely number 80 thousand trillion, trillion objects. With this system, you could number every single grain of sand, aspirin, animal or person on the planet; an exclusive data file can be created on each item that can store virtually unlimited amounts of information about it.

Some even have metallic Nano-fiber paint that functions as an antenna that can simply be printed on paper, and some are equipped with biodegradable batteries.

Every time you step within range of an RFID reader, the tags can be detected and their information extracted by anybody who has set up an RFIS reader in that RF range all unbeknownst to you. And like their tag counterparts, readers have become so small they can also barely be seen. Now they are hidden in store displays, public buildings, woven into carpet, embedded in ceiling tiles, incorporated into shelving, homes, sports arenas, shopping malls, bathrooms and even public spaces like parks with their composite benches, they even put it in flooring to tell where you are walking. They simply place the readers in key locations, and you never know that you have been probed. RFIDs incognito characteristics have enabled it to easily blend into our lives.

Your every move has been tracked for decades by the prying eyes of corporations and governments through the ordinary objects in your possession such as your cell phone, your key fob, your watch, your jewelry, your purse or your wallet; and you likely never had a clue about it. They use the chips to evaluate your status, age, sex, purchasing preferences and more.

Now it’s a big jump from chipping bottles of aspirin to human beings, but slow and steady the course. Once RFID is allowed to slowly infiltrate our lives and begins showing up everywhere, it becomes accepted as the norm.

First will come RFID-microchipped inanimate objects, then microchipped pets and livestock, then prisoners, then military and security personnel; then immigrants, then voluntary chipping programs, then a national RFID medical device registry tied to healthcare, then schoolchildren in the classroom, then government workers, then newborn babies; and then, finally, as a show of absolute dominance and control, the general public.

It’s my personal belief that there is more than just a financial agenda behind Satan’s RFID plans and there is to be a frightening technology lurking deep within the microchip implants.

For more info read my novel “Microchip the Agenda is Now.”

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